The nature of the good things

Foodstuffs with a unique taste from the fruits of our land
Produced in Italy, product of Romagna

Typicality, naturalness, originality

Perfect harmony

If our home could talk, it would tell you a story about a tradition made of genuine, natural things.
It is thanks to such wisdom, infused into our food and wine products, that we can express the best parts of a unique inviting land, rich in taste.


Natural pleasure

The fruits of our land are born from a sustainable agriculture, which is currently being converted into a biological one. Every day, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, our fields and orchards give us genuine fruits, which we grow and harvest respecting the seasonal natural cycle.

Our products

Preserves, fruit jams, in oil and pickles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
We daily manufacture foodstuffs from the product of our land, for you to purchase and bring them home to enjoy the authentic taste of nature every day.