Typicality, naturalness, originality
Land of taste

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Romagna in body and soul
Natural pleasure

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Pleasant hospitality
In every way

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Land of Taste

Typicality, naturalness, originality: a perfect harmony.

Torre del Marino shows up in the heart of the Apennines of Romagna, amid the green slopes and the  characteristic “calanchi” (badlands) of Vena del Gesso. It is here that past, present and future harmoniously blend in the name of hospitality, winemaking, culture and enogastronomic production, in full respect of the typicality of the generous land of Romagna.

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The estate

An historical location

The farmhouse Torre del Marino is located within a marvelous hilly environment, dominated by the ancient Saracen Tower which was erected by the end of the 15th century.

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Refreshment and welcoming

The generous Romagna

A cuisine reflecting the hospitality and the conviviality typical of the inhabitants of this generous territory, the breathtaking panoramic terrace facing the vineyards and the scenographic Torre del Marino (Marino's Tower).

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